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VETRON offers a complete range of embedded electronic solution services to assist businesses with the successful execution of their embedded product development projects.

VETRON has been providing businesses with complete end-to-end management of the product development lifecycle that includes concept analysis, specification, design, prototyping, pre-production, compliance, and manufacturing. Supported by strong project and quality development processes, and with strong experience across a range of embedded hardware technologies.

VETRON provides all the support needed to successfully realise a product idea into a finished product ready for mass manufacturing and commercialisation.

Electronic Product Design

From assisting with product design concepts and requirements, stepping through the electronic schematic design and capture, through to design finalisation with specialist PCB layout and routing, VETRON offers a complete electronic design service using industry leading CAD tools such as Altium Designer.

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Leverage the processes and worldwide partners that VETRON uses everyday to manufacture electronic and embedded systems. We assist in taking any existing electronic design and selecting the appropriate resources in Australia and overseas to manufacture the quantities that you require.

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Embedded Software

VETRON‘s embedded software engineers specialise in getting working code onto your specialised hardware design. Whether it be low level assembler, or staging a Linux operating system with custom device drivers, be assured that VETRON can provide embedded and application development services using our intricate knowledge of embedded electronic designs.

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Industrial + Mechanical Design

VETRON’s engineers can create the mechanical parts and enclosures required to complete the entire product design using the latest Solidworks 3D CAD software. Most electronics require an enclosure or housing to secure and protect the device for installation.

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