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Vetron :: Services - Electronic Product Design

VETRON provides electronic engineering and design services, delivering solutions from the cumulation of high-level design requirements, electronic schematic capture, PCB layout and design, 3D computer modeling, integrated software / firmware programming, prototyping, and manufacturing.

Circuit designs can range from simple through-hole boards to complex multi-layer surface mount layouts. Our engineers are specialised in identifying the correct components from our range of suppliers around the world that will allow for easy procurement targeted for low-volume manufacturing, or high-volume mass manufacturing volumes. Where ever possible, suitable alternatives are defined at design time to provide better options for contract manufacturing services to achieve their procurement phase without the need for further engineering support.

Our engineers are experienced in a range of electronic and digital technologies, such as:

VETRON’s team of engineers are highly experienced in the layout of complex, multi-layer, high-density circuit boards. Using the latest Altium Designer design tools, boards are designed to meet the abilities of PCB fabrication facilities both locally and off-shore. Utilising the latest 3D modelling tools, the board design is rendered into a 3D model that includes all components and connectors, long before the design is shipped for production. These models are then integrated and verified with the mechanical design to validate the design does not interfere with other product parts before investing into a costly PCB production run.

Much of today’s electronic designs rely on embedded firmware (microprocessor or FPGAs) to fully instantiate the final product. VETRON’s software engineers provide the expertise to ensure the programmable components are integrated correctly, provide adequate resources for the intended application, and are supported during the manufacturing process. Our software engineering services can be further engaged to develop the required firmware/software for the final product application. Who better than the crew that created the hardware design in the first place !

VETRON can confidently provide design solutions for a range of commercial sectors such as:

VETRON also provides custom carrier board designs and technical support for the complete range of Congatec Embedded modules here in Australia, which includes the Q7, COM Express, and XTX module standards.