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VETRON’s software engineers can create the applications required for your embedded, desktop, server, and internet systems. Our experience is extensive across a number of software technologies and platforms, allowing us to carefully architect the correct solution for your applications. VETRON provides and maintains software solutions across a wide variety of industries including enterprise, retail, gaming, automotive, and manufacturing.  We pride ourselves on managing successful projects for all these sectors and have earned a strong reputation from the quality we deliver.

All our software development, regardless of platform or language, adheres to strong software configuration management processes for revision control, release management, documentation, and issue tracking. Our clients are provided with access to our management system, allowing intimate visibility to all software tasks and artefacts being created in real time. We typically follow an agile development process to provide early access of our developments for ongoing user acceptance and feedback.

Embedded Software Development

We write the software for the hardware platforms we’ve designed. Embedded processors only provide a fraction of the speed, memory, and storage when compared to standard computer systems, and we provide the expertise to develop the software best optimised for the targeted hardware platform. We have experience across a wide range of embedded software compilers and debugging platforms, and adhere to quality coding standards for critical system compliance. We integrate regulary with real time operating systems (RTOS), but many of the smaller processors often only cater for straight ANSI C or Assembly language.

Board Support Packages / Device Drivers

Many embedded devices and systems today operate with complete operating system such as Linux, Android, and Windows Embedded/Mobile. The VETRON software team specialises in the creation and support of board support packages (BSP) for these embedded devices, including device driver development and kernel customisations. VETRON has a range of established tools for build management and high level application frameworks for the target processor architecture, and can provide cross-compilation build environments that allow for the complete auditable build of the final application distribution.

Desktop and Server Applications

Many distributed embedded devices rely on robust 24 hour backend applications to complete the system architecture design. VETRON’s engineers can provide the artitecture and development expertise required to provide the complete integrated system solution for your design. We have experience in providing software solutions for many enterprise server and desktop applications, including:

Web Applications

Web based applications and interfaces are a common theme for modern software developments, and with most hardware designs also being internet-ready, we have now evolved into an experienced web development team.

Utilising HTML5, JQuery, and CSS client technologies, we now integrate rich web client user interfaces to our software developments for server and embedded applications. We promote the combination of Phyton/Pyramid or Apahce/PHP as our web server platform of choice, and integrate with a range of CMS and eCommerce platforms for our internet website developments.

Platforms and Technologies

VETRON’s software team know how to target software for a range of hardware platforms, including :

We have experience in a range of programming languages, frameworks, operating systems, and database systems, that include:

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