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The VETRON team understands manufacturing.

From low volume prototypes, through to high volume mass production, our production engineers work with a range of local and international contract manufacturers to best deliver any size production run.

Low prototype volumes may be hand assembled using our in-house services, or used as a pre-production trial with an external contract manufacturer. VETRON’s engineers monitor the manufacturing process closely, identifying and recording any issues or improvements that may be required for a high volume production run.

VETRON creates manufacturing packages that provides everything a contract manufacturer requires for the procurement, assembly, program, test, and QA of a production run. Our staff closely monitors yield and QA issues during the production process, and can be regularly seen on the production floor monitoring and looking for ways to further optimise the production process.

Every product design we create leverages our production engineering resources to ensure the design remains optimised for mass manufacturing. This is achieved during the design process through the close vetting of component selection, processes to program and test, feedback from contract manufacturers, and detailed assembly documentation. Designed for manufacture from the start.

If you have an existing design, VETRON’s engineers can help you optimise your next manufacturing run though:

Let VETRON manage your next production run – Contact us for further details ….