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Vetron :: Services - Industrial & Mechanical

VETRON’s engineers can create the mechanical parts and enclosures required to complete the entire product design using the latest Solidworks 3D CAD software.

Most electronics require an enclosure or housing to secure and protect the device for installation. For consumer products, this is the marketing face of the product that can determine the overall commercial success of the product in the marketplace. We use our design expertise to create concepts and specifications that best suit the functional, value and appearance of a design for the mutual benefit of both user and manufacturer.  During the design process, our industrial designers can create coloured concept hand sketches, non functional models, high definition renderings and animations, and 3D physical models of the design to assist with the evolution of the product’s physical presence.

Our PCB design tools provide us with a 3D model of the populated printed circuit board. When combined with the 3D model of the mechanical design, we can verify how the two components will integrate together, identifying any possible interferences and assembly issues that may arise from the design. This occurs long before anything has been committed to the physical production of the pieces. As an additional level of verification, we then use our 3D printer can create a physical representation of the PCB and the enclosure design to facilitate the physical testing of the assembly.

Our goal is to develop a quality mechanical product with components that are easy to manufacture and assemble at the lowest production cost. Our engineers have extensive expertise with mechanical design and manufacturing processes, which include: plastic injection moulding, light alloy casting, sheet metal laser cutting and extrusion.

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